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Church Media | Branding vs. Ministry

Church Media | Branding vs. Ministry

Recently, I saw an Instagram post by a fairly well-known U.S. mega-church that frustrated me hugely. Both from the perspective of someone who has worked in the communications/media arena and as someone who serves on the pastoral staff of a church. 

The posted picture was fairly simple, speaking of this church’s Easter festivities it read:

“This Easter we had 4,262 first time commitments to Christ”

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LOVE the folks @ Fort Collins Chrysler! They managed to work the 300M in last-minute to inspect for damage from yesterday’s tire incident. Did a 23-point courtesy inspection of the car, checked the pH of my coolant and all fluid levels and didn’t charge me anything because they found nothing amiss and it only needed a little coolant! Service tech even said he hasn’t seen an LH car in as good condition in a very long time. #yay #happyM #300M (at Fort Collins Dodge Chrysler Jeep)

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